Seeing people stop and admire a mosaic artwork when they walk past is complete and utter satisfaction…Meet artisan tiler Rob Di Virgilio, a proud Melbournian and the only person in Victoria to be trained as a Bisazza Master Mosaic Installer. Rob has been in the mosaic industry for 30 years.  He has realised that as time goes on, his unique trade and skills are rare and very precious.  He was taught the traditional Italian glass mosaic methods by his now retired father Umberto Di Virgilio, who immigrated to Australia in 1956.  He has completed two master mosaic courses in Italy and is the technical consultant for Bisazza in Victoria. 

 Throughout his career he has created many beautiful works for governments and private enterprises – including but not limited too: 


Tile Mosaics


Bisazza   Mapei     Certified Master Mosaic Installer